Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[Announcement] Gregor Andrade from AQR Capital

presentation_Gregor Andrade_UVA_HF+Beta+Presentation_Feb+2010.pdf

Please Join us for the Presentation:
Hedge Fund Beta
with Gregor Andrade of AQR Capital Management
Friday, April 30 at 1:15 pm
Robertson 223

The Alternative Investment Fund at McIntire (AIF) along with the McIntire Investment Institute (MII) will be hosting Gregor Andrade this coming Friday at 1:30 in Robertson 223. Mr. Andrade is a former Harvard Business School finance professor who now works as a principle at the quantitative investment hedge fund AQR Capital. The topic for the presentation is "Hedge Fund Beta." We look forward to ending the year with an opportunity to get together and learn from a principal at one of top quantitative investment fund in the field. All McIntire and Darden students and faculty are welcome to attend.

Friday, April 23, 2010

[Meeting Minutes] Weekly Meeting, 04-23-10

04-23-10. Event Driven - HP_3Com_deal.doc
04-23-10. Sample_Initial_Research_Memo_Blackstone Short.doc
04-34-20. Value+Pitch+Template.doc


 Name Change
Change the club name to "The Alternative Investment Fund at McIntire". Bill passed!

 Trading templates: to be uploaded here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

[Meeting Minutes] Weekly Meeting, 04-16-10

04-16-10. Billy Law - Nutrisystem_Stock_Pitch_Business.pptx

 Billy Law - Long NutriSystem
1. Strong, sustainable business model
2. Enormous potential for growth in their industry

[Meeting Minutes] Weekly Meeting, 04-09-10

04-09-10. Scott Law - GGP.pptx

 Organize trade pattern
 AQR Capital discussion: April 30 @ 1:00
 GGP trade: The value of GGP will continue to rise as the bidding process heats up
*Long GGP:
  • We know the value is $15
  • We know other bidders exist
  • We know all potential bidders cannot allow competition to gain hold of GGP

[Meeting Minutes] Introductory Meeting, 04-02-10

04-02-10. Oceanus_Introductory_Meeting.pptx

Exec Team:
 President: Scott Law
 Chief Financial Officer: Peter Anderson
 Chief Marketing Officer: Sipian Wang
 Alumni Relations Officer: Billy Law
 Chief Information Officer: Sam (Shanshan) Li
 PM of Event Driven Group: David Plon, Annabel Lim
 PM of Global Macro Group: Peter Anderson, Raghav Mathur
 PM of Relative Value Group: Scott Law, David Dai


 Invest “100,000” dollars and maintain record keeping
 Establish a trade idea generation schedule
 Establish a long-term focused recruitment platform

Trade Idea Generation:
 3 week group rotation
 One group will pitch a trade at each weekly meeting
 Build group “breakout” time into meetings?

COF Warrants Trade

1) Long the Warrants
2) Delta Hedge
By Shorting the stock
By purchasing LEAP’s